The March 2024 Plant Start List is Here!

(Email me for a list of retail/wholesale dried herbs & prices available this season

  • Here is the downloadable 2024 plant start list : http: Newfield Herb Farm March 2024 Starts Availability List.
  • The list consists of almost entirely culinary and medicinal herbs, but there are also dye plants and flowers sprinkled throughout. And most of these plants are exceptional pollinator plants.
  • Please email me as soon as possible if you are looking for a particular plant(s) that you do not see on the list. There is still time for me to get seeds and start plants for the 2024 season.
  • Once again, starts will be available for $4.00 a pot at the Craftsbury and Albany General Stores from Memorial Day through early July, as well as at the Buffalo Mountain Food Coop in Hardwick. However, these plant stands will not have room for the whole range of what we will have available at the farm for sale so if you don’t find what you want at the stands, come to the farm! Volume discounts only available from the farm.
  • NOTE: Plant starts cannot be shipped.
  • We will be open starting Memorial Day Weekend – Friday-Monday 10-4:30. After that hours will be Friday-Sunday 12-4:30 or by appointment. Call or email for directions – GPS is often wrong.

Pricing & Pre-Orders

$3.75 a 3″ pot, $3.50 for 4 or more
– 1 Flat of 18 3″ pots = $58.50 ($3.25/pot)*
– 2 or more Flats of 3″ pots =  $54 ($3.00/pot)*
– Flat (s) of 48 Soil Blocks* = $60/flat**
– Flat (s) of 75 Soil Blocks* = $90/flat**

**Lavender, Peppermint, and Rosemary starts are not available in soil blocks.

Volume pre-orders (1 more flats of plants) accepted now for anything on the list but must be sent by April 7th, preferably sooner. (March 25th for any herb that is not on the list). Pre-orders can be picked up at the farm starting Memorial Day weekend or earlier by appointment. Delivery can be arranged in special circumstances. Send pre-order to