About Newfield Herb Farm


Owned by Environmentalist & Farmer Peggy Newfield

Newfield Herb Farm is owned and operated by Peggy Newfield, a long-time environmentalist and recently minted farmer. Health of the environment and the creatures within it have been a life-long interest, along with herbs—those friendly helpers in the kitchen and home that engage her curiosity and that Peggy uses every day in multiple ways.

Situated in Northern Vermont

The farm is situated on a gently sloping hillside in northern Vermont, with good soil and lots of sun. Although only 1.6 acres, there is ample room for many different herbs, producing a large amount of taste and wellness potential.

Focus on Natural Systems & Ecosystems

Peggy values natural systems and strives to continuously learn about soil, water, and energy cycles. She is also interested in biodynamic, permaculture, and organic methods to promote and maintain the health
of the land and crops, and the ecosystems that they and she are a part of. Peggy enjoys promoting a “you can do it too” understanding of growing and using herbs as part of her farming practice.

Organically Certified

Newfield Herb Farm has been organically certified since 2017. The Vermont Organic Farmers Certificate of Compliance is available on request.

CAPS Certified

Newfield Herb Farm has been CAPS-Certified (Community Accreditation
for Produce Safety) since 2017 by the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers
Association. This certification ensures that vigilance for produce and labor
safety are core principles of a farm’s farming practices. 

RealOrganic Certified

As of February 2020, Newfield Herb Farm is certified with the Real Organic Project.