Ancient & Recent Knowledge Informs
Wellness Practices

Up until the development of chemistry as an area of exploration
and study, and the development of human-made chemical
compounds and experimentation with the effects of these
chemical compounds on human health (17th and 18th
centuries), plants were the primary source of healing agents
for humans for hundreds of thousands of years. The study and
application of plants for human healing continues to this day.
Ancient and recent knowledge and experience using these plants
still informs the healing practices of those cultures far from the
“modern” medical establishment and those who do have access
to it. It also of interest to people who want to benefit from the
wisdom and practice accumulated by those who understand
how to use the plants for wellness.

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A Variety of Medicinal Herbs

Newfield Herb Farm provides herbs to herbalists, soap makers,
herbal product manufacturers (large and small), and anyone who
chooses to use the plants to provide wellness to themselves and
their families and friends. Please see the varieties of medicinal
herbs we offer listed below. The symbol indicates currently

The Importance of Safely & Effectively Using Herbs

It is important to remember that plants are not always benign,
depending on what their constituents are, where they come
from, and how much and in what form they are used. You
must know the plants and how to safely and effectively use
them before you work with them or ingest or apply them in
any way. If you are new to this, send an email request to info@
newfieldherbfarm.com for a suggested list of resources to start or
expand your knowledge about herbs and their use in wellness.